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 Xadria Ref sheet

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PostSubject: Xadria Ref sheet   Xadria Ref sheet Icon_minitimeWed Nov 16, 2011 10:11 pm

Name: Xadria "Xade" Rose

Age: 18

Attitude: Very confident in her abilities, she refuses to give up even if it seems like she will lose.

Birthplace: Esthar (final fantasy VIII world)

Appearance: short, petite

Hair: just below ears, light brown nearly dirty blond

Eyes: light blue

Keyblade Name: Passion

Keyblade Type: Keyblade that for peoples hearts

Keyblade Appearance: has a golden shaft and has a pointed heart shaped blade that the two points of the heart are the teeth of the key

Keyblade Skills: it allows her to detect peoples intentions, thus not allowing her to be deceived

Weaknesses: she has no will to fight Exavier, or argue with him. He is her one true weakness and the only person that she would die for

Strengths: her size gives her the advantage of her enemies under estimating her. she is very skilled with magic particularly the healing arts

Special Abilities: she is excellent at healing magic, and can rebuild limbs if necessary

Magic Affinity: Holy

History: She was saved by Exavier when she was first added to the Organization's roster. Ever since she has not only admired him, she has felt like she owed him a life-debt. them being close is why Organization XIII uses her to track him down, she can sense where he is.
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PostSubject: Accepted   Xadria Ref sheet Icon_minitimeThu Nov 17, 2011 12:56 am

Your character has been accepted.
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Xadria Ref sheet
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