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 Exavier Ref Sheet

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PostSubject: Exavier Ref Sheet   Exavier Ref Sheet Icon_minitimeWed Nov 16, 2011 9:45 pm

Name: Exavier Scarlen

Age: Approximately 20

Attitude: Indifferent, and serious. He acts like he doesn't care about anyone but would die to protect those he's close to. He has taken great pain in his past mistakes and is trying desperately to atone for them now.

Birthplace: Esthar (Final Fantasy VIII world)

Appearance: Dark hair, pale skin. Tall relatively muscular.

Hair: shoulder length, black

Eyes: gray

Other: a scar goes from right side of lip and went through the right eye and brow and on up to his hair line. his brother gave him this scar.

Keyblade Name: Misery

Keyblade Type: Keyblade of the Realm of Darkness

Keyblade Appearance: black shaft that has a red nobody symbol on the top. there are two intersecting black nobody symbols forming the teeth of the key.

Keyblade Skills: his keyblade can gain auras of any element that it is hit with and it remembers them so they can be summoned again. this is increasingly helpful due to Exavier's lack of control with his magic.

Weaknesses: his compassion. he has fallen to near heartless level because of failing to protect one of them and them dying in front of him. He uses his emotions to bring his enemies pain.

Strengths: He is solid. He doesn't get coerced easily and thus doesn't fight for something he doesn't believe in. His beliefs give him strength to power through almost any adversary he has came across, even his brother.

Special Abilities: When he tries to use magic he has been known to change the landscape. The earth around him bends to his will and helps him.

Magic Affinity: Exavier mainly uses earth, but he can only use magic in a heightened emotional state and has little to no control over what it does, or who it's aimed at.

History: Exavier was sucked into Organization XIII when he was turned into a nobody but didn't lose his human form. He showed great skill with a blade and grew in their ranks. There was always something about them he didn't trust. When they had him kill Sora, the previous master key holder, his life turned upside down. He killed him the same way that he had lost his humanity, killing Sora's love Kairi. Exavier black out and didn't come to for ten years. That is where we meet him in our story.
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PostSubject: Accepted.   Exavier Ref Sheet Icon_minitimeWed Nov 16, 2011 9:56 pm

Your character has been accepted. Please begin posting in the Roleplay Section.

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Exavier Ref Sheet
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