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PostSubject: AdminMatt's Characters   AdminMatt's Characters Icon_minitimeWed Nov 16, 2011 8:42 pm

Name: Kaine Matreyu Kiyozu

Age: Unknown, but he appears as if he is 16

Attitude: Kaine is naturally stronghearted, and protective of his friends. He has a will made of steel and won't fall easily.

Birthplace: A small world not known to many. It takes place in a deep forest, where calm can be found anywhere.

Appearance: Kaine is rather small for his age. He is only 5'3 and weighs 120 pounds.

Hair: Jet black with hints of silver, his hair covers both eyes and is very wavy.

Eyes: Emerald Green

Other: Kaine has a necklace in the shape of a Crescent moon, with a bloody teardrop hanging off its tip.

Keyblade Name: Master-Key (Rising Hope)

Keyblade Type: Standard Keyblade with Keychain support, which allows the Keyblade to change.

Keyblade Appearance: Silver and Blue handle, with an Onyx blade.

Keyblade Skills: They are unknown but start to awaken during his journey with Exavier and Elly. The ones Kaine currently knows are being able to use the blade to send a shockwave, which shoots off a medium sized projectile in a wavelike pattern. The rest were forgotten.

Weaknesses:Kaine has a fear of losing his friends, as he doesn't have many. He is also very young so he accepts people too easily, and his trust is rather easy to gain. Another problem is, he tries to protect his friends at every moment, even if it means getting severely injured in their place. He will jump in front of an attack if neccesary.

Strengths: He has an unbreakable will and he is honest. His strength comes from belief in his friends and the will to fight. He believes protecting the world is his job and he does his best to seal the keyholes before Organization XIII.

Special Abilities: He is rather skilled in close combat and speed fighting. His biggest strength is his mobility, as his small size allows him to make quick powerful strikes while dodging the fatal hits. He becomes stronger in his Elemental Affinities and eventually learns healing magic as well as damaging and shield magics.

Magic Affinity: Ice and Shadow

History: Kaine was brought out of his cozy home at a young age. He never met his family, not even one member. His only friend was Elly, and they were close to the same age. Exavier found the two on a small island and led them on a journey to save the world by sealing the Keyholes before Organization XIII could. When Exavier met Kaine, the Master Key he wielded chose Kaine as its new master, and Elly's keyblade materialized when she was attacked by a Nobody.

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PostSubject: Elly Character Sheet    AdminMatt's Characters Icon_minitimeWed Nov 16, 2011 11:02 pm

Name: Ellyndriyana Rae Kotomi (Eldest of the Kotomi children)

Age: 15

Attitude:Soft hearted and girly in every way. She is simply cute and fragile. But do not anger her, or threaten Kaine. She will tear your head off faster than you can blink

Birthplace: Ellin Isle (Original World)

Appearance: Pale and meek, she is a small girl. Her face looks as if it was carved by angels, and her hair flows from her hair like sunbursts of auburn light.

Hair: Long hair streams from her hair in wavy auburn bursts

Eyes: (Color) They change depending on her mood and magic. Normally they are calm ocean blue.

Other: She has many seals that activate throughout her body, that aren't visible normally, and are covered by her long dresses/overcoats.

Keyblade Name: Endless Rain and Elegant Rose (Combines to make Angel Tears)

Keyblade Type: Twin Keyblades shaped like staves.

Keyblade Appearance: Endless Rain is a deep blue color around the handle, and the shaft is a shimmering silver, which catches the light. The keypoint is shaped like twin raindrops and the exterior has the shape of a blue angel wing. Elegant Rose is a violet color around the handle which is shaped like a halo, and the shaft is crimson. The blade is shaped like rose thorns and a vinelike ribbon wraps around the blade which sprouts sharp 5 inch thorns which can be shot at enemies. The exterior of the blade is shaped like a Pink angel wing.

Keyblade Skills: Transformation Levels and Ranks, which will be described upon first use. The blade shoots thorns and condenses magic. When she slashes with Endless Rain, it is said water droplets form around her like a barrier. The blade is also known for severing main vital points thus rendering the enemy defenseless. Elegant Rose can stop the magic flow of enemies and absorb their magic attacks. Because of this, Elly is a powerful magician.

Weaknesses: She is afraid of almost everything though this could be as much a strength as a weakness because the fear in her heart leads her in her endeavors, which eventually turns into Bravery. Something every heart possesses. She often runs in blindly because she can't stand to see her friends hurt. Her emotions best her at the worst of times.

Strengths: She is a very strong magician and can use most of her magic without expending too much energy while maintaining a balance of fighting and healing, making her a scary enemy. Her problem is really her fear which empowers her at times. Her emotions cause her to go completely crazy and it oftentimes means victory or loss for her.

Special Abilities: She can sometimes see people's thoughts and emotions, but only when emotionally charged herself, which she doesn't realize until its too late. She can delve into the minds of people and stir their emotions with her magic, oftentimes calming friends down, or putting the fear of god into her enemies.

Magic Affinity: Wind Earth and Holy but mainly Holy.

History: Born in the same village as Kaine, she is his best friend and they protect eachother. On the fateful day on which Exavier appeared, she learned she had superhuman powers and could wield Keyblades. They show theirselves to her when Kaine is struck down by a huge heartless swarm. She saves Kaine and they leave with Exavier. She had many siblings, but never met them. She runs into a few on her many adventures with Kaine and Exavier.
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PostSubject: Re: AdminMatt's Characters   AdminMatt's Characters Icon_minitimeThu Nov 17, 2011 2:17 pm

Name: Rexe Xalen

Age: 23

Attitude:Rexe Is rather careful in whom he trusts, and doubts the Organization on
many occassions. He believes that their motives could be wrong. He
becomes strong by recovering his memories. Rexe is very bipolar at times
and has an alternate 'self'

Birthplace: Ossyria (MapleStory World)

Appearance: Tall and rather muscular, he is a strong figure in the Organization and looks very intimadating..

Hair: Rather short black hair with red spikes

Eyes: (Color) Dark brown, almost black.

Other: A long scar runs down his face, between his eyes, from the top of his
forehead to his chin. It is said he received the scar from a battle with
his Father, Kilix, whom he killed when he was only 13.

Keyblade Name:Reverse Imitation and Fathom

Keyblade Type:Reverse Imitation is a Keyblade which takes the shape of a Mirror Scythe. The Mirrors that run down the shaft are used to reflect or refract light,
which can imitate his Enemie's or Teammates weapons, or create 'shadows'
of himself. The shadows cannot harm anyone, but they make it hard to
find the true form as they are very realistic. Fathom is a demon
sword/keyblade which has the power to call forth Chaos and Abyss
itself. The blade is pure black and the keypoint is in the shape of
twin serpentine fangs that are crimson He can shrink the size of the Scythe to use both weapons, but he mainly uses the Scythe.

Weaknesses:Rexe has a main weakness and that is the fact he gets ahead of himself. He
is oftentimes too confindent in his skills or the opposite. He is
always at one extreme. Either putting himself down, doubting everything
he does, or sure in his work in the fact he believes there is only one
outcome: Victory.

Strengths:He is very skilled with his weapons and magic alike. Rexe is brutally
strong and can quickly cut down many enemies at once without breaking a
sweat. Rexe is also a very strong teammate in the fact he can clone the
teams skills and use them to their fullest. He has a very vast
imagination and is very intelligent in battle strategy. He's quick and

Special Abilities: He controls Chaos and Abyssal powers, and the ability to move the earth.
His nickname is Earthsplitter or Dark Hand in the Organization XIII and
in just a few short months he has become famed for his power. Because of
this he is sent after Kaine.

Magic Affinity: Complete control over Chaos and Earth magic.

History: Born in Ossyria, he was trained as a child to fight. His weapon of choice
has always been a longsword or a Scythe. He become a Nobody when his
heart was removed by the Organization XIII. It is unknown by who but he
was trained and learned of his abilities. He is sent off to retrieve
the Master Key from Kaine, and during it, he falls short and realizes
the Organization was wrong all along. He then offers to help Kaine on
his journey to seal the Keyholes.
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