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 Collaboration of Random Writings (Inspiration gone rampant)

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Collaboration of Random Writings (Inspiration gone rampant) Empty
PostSubject: Collaboration of Random Writings (Inspiration gone rampant)   Collaboration of Random Writings (Inspiration gone rampant) Icon_minitimeFri Nov 18, 2011 12:41 am

Perception: Short quote

'Perception is only as strong as the mind and soul of the one perceiving, for perception is a concept in itself.
Even the blind have perception, though some would argue.
Perception is created by the mind as thoughts are spun by invisible thread, gather your strength young one and take the wheel of your own life, and steer yourself out of your personal Hell, because Hell isn't a place on Earth, its in your head.'


Walk through the shadows of misery,
and crawl through the veil of pain,
Take what you have gained,
Show me your broken smile,
Let it last awhile,
Show the world your bright eyes my dear,
Don't let the fear consume you,
Lead by the bravery inside your soul,
and let the good times roll.

Deep in the souls of Humanity lies madness,
But in every soul lies bravery.
Courage isn't a concept but a steel emotion,
Bring forth your fears, and rule your life by thought,
You can be anyone, anything, anywhere if you let your
Dreams shine through.

Break through the chains of doubt,
Let out a powerful shout,
Take my hand and lead me home,
For tomorrow brings forth another poem.

Copyrighted by OwnerMatt (Matt Graves)
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Collaboration of Random Writings (Inspiration gone rampant)
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