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 Basic Storyline for The Rise of the Kishin Souls

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PostSubject: Basic Storyline for The Rise of the Kishin Souls   Thu Nov 17, 2011 1:03 pm

It has been a whole year since the Kishin's defeat. Ever since, the witches have grown in numbers secretly, building their army of Kishin Eggs and out of nowhere a new academy has been created.

In the desolate lands of the Undead Plains, the witches have erected a brand new academy sought to train Kishin Eggs, Witches, Immortals, even Weapons and Meisters who have turned their back to the DWMA have come together as a force that could be the very end of the DWMA.

The witches grew tired of being hunted by Lord Deaths students for so many years now. They hunted even the Child witches which just isn't right. Those in the new academy are trained to fight, resonate, and move together as one force to finally take down the DWMA's forces.

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Basic Storyline for The Rise of the Kishin Souls
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